About Us

How our practices work

Bousfield Health Centre forms part of Dr Jude's Group Practice.  We are a GP practice offering patients high quality, safe and effective care from an appropriately resourced and skilled team.   

Your surgery operates using a traditional model where patients are required to phone the practice to make an appointment to see a GP.  However, many of our other practices now operate using a new triage system which means our patients are seen by the most appropriate clinician as soon as possible.  

As part of our organisation, patients have access to a wider multi-disciplinary team such as Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health Specialists, Children's Specialists and Pharmacists.

New patient registrations

We endeavour to treat our patients in a responsive, supportive and courteous manner and we extend this to new patients who we are always happy to welcome to our practice.  For more information on how to register visit our 'how to register' section of the website.